I-82/US 97 Freight Express Route

This city of Toppenish and Yakima County project widens the two-lane rural roadway, improves alignment and separates the railroad from the highway southwest of Toppenish.

SR 22 is a locally controlled highway bisecting the City of Toppenish, population 9,000.
SR 22 received in excess of 12,000 vehicles per day in 2018. Of the 12,000 vehicles per day, approximately 8,000 vehicles are “passing through” the City to either SR 97 (south) or I 82 (north).
The speed limit north and south of the City is 50 MPH, and inside the City limits the speed limit is reduced to 25 MPH. There is also a school zone on SR 22 further reducing the speed limit to 20 MPH.
With the high volume of traffic and reduced speeds, traffic congestion and accidents are common. Between 2016 and 2018, there were over 95 accidents reported on SR 22 within the City Limits.

Project Goals:
Remove freight traffic from the City core and business district to increase safety and reduce congestion and accidents.
Create “Express Link” between Interstate 82, SR 97, and SR 22 connecting the communities of Zillah, Toppenish, Yakama Nation, and out- lying areas of Yakima County.
Promote residential and industrial growth, and improve freight movement.

Project Summary:
Phase 1 $ 12.7 Million Completed 2018
Phase 2 $ 2.4 Million Not Secured
Phase 3 $ 977,000 Completed 2014
Phase 4 $ 10.2 Million Not Secured

Phase 1 constructed over 12 million dollars in bridge infrastructure improvements to replace load rated failing bridges. It also increased flood capacity across the Yakima River benefiting upstream and downstream river basins. These improvements were constructed by Yakima County.

Phase 2 will reconstruct North Meyers Road widening the roadway and removing obstructions posing safety hazards to motorists such as deep roadside canals and narrow short span bridges.

Funding Need: $2.4 Million

Phase 3 constructed approximately 1 million dollars of road infrastructure improvements within the City of Toppenish through the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board to improve safety and widen the roadway for vehicle maneuverability.

Phase 4 will reconstruct existing road infrastructure improving safety, and will construct a new grade separation over BNSF railway where none currently exists. This phase will also improve the intersection at SR 97.