Cowiche Creek Improvements

Cowiche Canyon Creek Trail project will extend an existing multi-use trail along the creek, generally upon the alignment of the abandoned rail road. The path extension is 2 miles in length, continuing the 10 foot wide path westward from the Powerhouse Road vicinity to the existing Cowiche Canyon trailhead. The City of Yakima as lead agency, received $2 million in Connect Washington Funding. With preliminary engineering nearly complete, there is approximately $1.8 million for construction of the trail.  The project has been split into two construction phases.  The first phase of trail construction will be from the Powerhouse Road trail terminus to the vicinity  of the intersection 66th Avenue  and Cowiche Lane (approximately 0.74 miles in length). Construction of Phase 1 pathway is expected in 2021.  Phase 2 construction will continue the trail from Cowiche Lane to the existing trailhead (approximately one half mile in length).

Existing Cowiche Canyon Trail