Robbins Road Extension Project

Proposal is to extend Robbins Road from Fort Road north to State Route US 97 (see aerial photo PDF link, below). New construction of 0.6 mile of paved 4-lane boulevard with turn lanes, center median, bike lanes and sidewalks. Upgrade 0.25 mile of existing graveled road south of Fort Road to an asphalt surface with center turn lane for access to Fort Road and Legends Casino vendor/employee driveway and sidewalks on the east side. Install signalization at intersection with Fort Road. WSDOT plans roundabout at intersection with US 97. Extend BIA System Route Wishpoosh Road to intersect with new Robbins Road extension. Extend US 97 frontage road to new intersection of Robbins Road and SR 97 roundabout. Close Buster Road access to Fort Road and revise US 97 access to Right-in/Right-out only. Perform engineering (PS&E), acquire right-of-way and obtain environmental clearance. Tribe is negotiating sale of fee simple estate west of Tribal Complex.                                                                                                                              

Estimated Project Cost:             $4,401,400                                                                  

Estimated Financial Need:        $0                                                                     

Funding Sources & Amounts: Yakama Nation’s Tribal Transportation Program funds $4,401,400

Project is a part of a comprehensive plan and cooperative effort between Yakima County, State of Washington, City of Toppenish and Yakama Nation to improve the transportation system’s capacity and safety around the greater Yakama Nation campus and enterprises.  Fort Road is a DRYVE priority project that will be reconstructed to 5 lanes between Robbins Road and SR 97. Fort Road has been completed to Teo Road.  Fort Road’s completion to Robbins Road is dependent on Robbins Road approval for construction.

Improving access and increasing capacity will meet the needs of the Legends Casino’s expansion and especially during special events (concerts, etc). Other tribal venues include the Cultural Heritage Center’s theater and museum. This will also open up opportunities for development of tribal services and enterprises to the west. Other facilities in the area include the Yakama Nation Networks, Correctional & Rehabilitation Center, Fire Warehouse and Warrior’s Association (Veterans) Office.

Plan to hire a consultant to engineer and prepare Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E) soon after land transaction is complete. Begin with reconstruction of the existing 0.25 mile section of Robbins Road south of Fort Road.

Traffic study and signalization warrant completed in 2009. Preliminary topographic surveys with land corner ties complete. Digital terrain model available for consultant’s use.

The existing Robbins Road is maintained by Yakima County. The extension of Robbins Road affects the county’s Fort Road and Washington States’ US 97. BIA System Route Buster Road will be closed at Fort Road when the Robbins Road improvements are complete. The closure of Buster Road access will require extending BIA’s Wishpoosh Road to new Robbins Road.