North 1st Street Revitalization

North 1st Street within the City of Yakima is a Primary Arterial Street which connect to the combined interchange at State Route 12 and US 82. This street served as a portion of the State Highway system prior to the construction of the current US 82  alignment, which opened in the early 1970s.  The corridor was once a hospitality center but has not been updated for nearly 50 years. The City of Yakima will continue the North 1st Street Revitalization Project from ā€˜Nā€ Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (0.98 miles). Phase 1 (SR 82 to ā€˜Nā€™ Street), approximately one half mile in length,  was completed in 2019 using mostly State funding through the Surface Transportation  Program (STP).

The project includes the improvement of  North 1st Street by rehabilitating the pavement and lane markings, removing on-street parking, installing bike lanes, replacing and widening sidewalk, enhancing street lighting, installing pedestrian lighting, constructing median islands and installing various pedestrian and decorative elements. Funding of Phases 2 and 3 is estimated at $10.72 million. This project was on the City of Yakima funding program from the Transportation Benefit District (TBD) which was eliminated in 2019 by a Statewide Voter Initiative process.

North 1st Street Revitalization Project Concept Drawing